New Nike Romaleo 2 Olympic Shoe

Nike reps have stated the 2012 Nike Romaleo 2 Weight Lifting Shoe will be available on the internet on Friday, January Fifteenth – thus mark your calendars. Nike’s Fb Page has been abuzz with people anxiously waiting the production of the fresh Romaleos for all their Olympic lifting wants. From a few things i can tell, there could very well be more people interested in these kinds of than the fresh Adidas AdiPower shoes and I’m interested to see if shortage and low stock become an issue. A few of the increased interest in the Nike2 shoe appears to be in response to Adidas only be producing the AdiPower inside solid red with white-colored strips, just like the limited colouring options that were available on the particular Power Perfect 2 shoes.

As far as changes to the overall design of the actual shoe, Nike has stated the Nike2 will look nearly identical to the last Romaleos and that a lot of the changes is going to be made “under the actual hood” so to speak. For example, they’ve made the forefoot as well as toe box of the shoe a lot more flexible and they have reduced the weight to make the actual shoe lighter as compared to its forerunner.

The actual heel of the Romaleo is made of TPU and features the unique “Power Bridge” technology developed by Nike. Again, the particular heel will be proportional to the shoe dimensions and the within sole with the shoe has a great contoured heel cup that allows you foot to really permeate the shoe. The actual shoes also ship with 2 different inserts, one being a softer version for daily training and the other a “competition” version that is extra firm. While the Power Bridge is touted as a “lightweight substitute for wooden heels” all of us didn’t really find this to become the case. The particular Romaleos were noticeably heavier when compared to a same size Adidas Ironwork model and also weighed inside slightly weightier than the Risto Series 2 model.

For starters, the Nike has a distinct fit than Adidas designs with a wider, more sq . shaped bottom box. For people that can’t use narrower shoes as a result of wide feet, this makes the particular Romaleo a great alternative. The particular heel with the Romaleo is also proportional to the length of the shoe, an attribute currently discussed only simply by Risto brand shoes. I personally think that back heel proportionality is a key feature that most Olympic lifting shoes will include since it helps ensure correct leg angle for every lifter, regardless of height. 2012 Nike Romaleos 2 Olympic Weight Lifting Shoe

While the Romaleo’s weight may be a setback, this is swiftly forgiven when you realize the comfort and severe stability this particular shoe provides. The actual double meta-tarsal straps appear to be positioned in just the right spot across the jeep so that on tightening them down you really feel closed into place. Lateral stability is actually unparalleled within the Romaleo, to the point where an individual almost feel as if you are putting on magnetic boots. We would find that straps are a tiny too long in the event you really turn them as tight as possible, this was true regardless of the width of the wearer’s toes. Given the heel cup as well as wide foot box, people who have mid in order to high arches should be able to put on these shoes without having issue or perhaps need for supports inserts. As well as the pliability of the upper materials leaves simply no weird experience seems or perhaps uncomfortable wrinkles when plantar flexing.The shoe will certainly retail regarding $199, same cost as the original copies, and will let Nike retain the crown of being the priciest weightlifting shoe available on the market. By the way, when any of you desire to snag a couple of the original Romaleos for reasonable, Rogue and Athleps have them for sale for $145. All of us don’t know yet where or otherwise the new modifications to the Nike2 may justify the particular $55 price variation, but when we get our hands on some, we will post a review and allow you to know what we believe.